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  • Fly Fishing GOK
    With Fly Fishing The Run

    As of September 1st, 2015 the incredible area of Garden´s of the King called Cayo Santa Maria is under the exclusive fly fishing operation of Fly Fishing The Run. This area had been known as the Tarpon Paradise of the North Coast of Cuba and world class destination for Tarpon on the fly. Here, your trophy fish is just a cast away!

    This fly fishing base is located in the North-Central section of Cuba, in “Cayo Las Brujas”, Villa Clara. The area is part of the beautiful attractions found in this countryside of an excellent and privileged area of marine life.

    Enviroment, the archipielago.

    The Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) Archipelago lies just off the northern coast of northern Cuba. Some of its cays are larger than some countries of the world, and its intact nature stands out making it one of the most precious spots in the Cuban Caribbean. To the north, it’s surrounded by a coral wall of about 248 miles in length, which is the second largest barrier reef in the world, the first being the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

    There are canals among the cays and islets, which originates back to millions of years ago when they used to be riverbeds. After the last big thawing, they were partly flooded when the level of sea water rose. The cays become bigger from West to East of Morón, Ciego de Avila Province. In this region you find Turiguanó Island and Cayo Coco, Guayabal and Sabinal, which form a kind of exterior coast in front of the shoreline, giving shape to the Buenavista bays, Los Perros and Jiguey. Among the formations of the archipelago, we have Cayo Coco which is linked to the mainland by an 11 mile causeway. This also links Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Paredón Grande, just like Santa Maria.

  • Fly Fishing in gardens of the King

    Since the year 2000, Cayo Santa Maria is one of the keys part of UNESCO’s Buenavista Bay Biosphere Reserve.

    Gardens of the King (GOK)- From March to August, Cayo Santa Maria is characterized for migratory tarpon fly fishing. It’s called by many, the best big tarpon fly fishing destination in Cuba, and nonetheless you have bonefish, cudas, jacks and other saltwater species.
    With our new management and developments, the quality of fly fishing has increased. We are focusing in marine life preservation, research and control for a “good health” ecosystem that hand in hand with conservation efforts allows us better fly fishing.

    This northern area has developed into an important nautical infrastructure for tourism. Anglers can stay in a 5-star hotel on the coast, which offers a customized service.
    Tarpon is plentiful in this area from March through August, which is found in very clearly determined spots. There are many canals through which great numbers of tarpon come and go to the open sea, and where they are relatively easy to catch. We also have plenty of areas for bay fly fishing, with deeper waters up to 20 feet; in these areas tarpon are plentiful. You will frequently spot fish rolling in schools, and the skiffs position themselves ahead of them for intercepting casts. There are also wide flat areas, of 3 to 6-feet deep crystal-clear waters, where they are easily spotted. For bonefish, there are huge areas of flats and mangrove vegetation to be fished on boat or by wading.

    Permits are abundant in deeper waters called floaters, some of them weighing up to 40 pounds. The average weight ranges from 25 to 30 pounds.
    All varieties of flats fish exist in the Gardens of the King; however, it is Tarpon that make this area famous for fly fishing.

    Resident Tarpon are present all year long, and range in size from 10-80 pounds.
    Beginning in March, Gardens of the King begins to see the larger migratory Tarpon, and the fish continue to be present through August. These fish can be in excess of 150 pounds, and are a true test of a fly angler‘s skills.

    Fishing Boats
    With our new Dolphin Super Skiffs, with Yamaha 70HP engines, we meet our anglers’ expectations allowing us to access every shallow water area and also run dry and fast between fly fishing spots. These skiffs are equipped to handle the varying depth of the water preventing any run aground resulting in the noisy and ungraceful handling of the flats that scare the fish away.

  • Iberostar Ensenachos Resort

    The Iberostar resort has lush, well kept grounds and 2 stunning beaches. The staff is some of the best we have ever had the pleasure of meeting while in the Caribbean. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The Iberostar has 2 sides, one is the “Park” side which is family friendly, and the other is the “Spa” side, which is for adults only.

    Both sides have swim up bars, and they both share the buffet in the main building, and the a la carte restaurants on site. There is also a Grand Village section, which is completely separate. For our fishing operation, we´ll use the Spa Suites or Grand Village*, but if you are thinking of traveling with the family, we could also book the Park suites, which allow kids.

    The swim up bars at this resort are exceptionally clean, as are the beach bars and lobby bar. The food at the restaurants is surprisingly good given Cuba’s reputation when it comes to food. The spa on site is fantastic, we highly recommend the couples massage for a relaxing morning.
    *additional charge

    62 km from Remedios
    110 km from the international airport of Abel Santa María, in Santa Clara
    177 km from Cienfuegos
    198 km from Trinidad
    386 from Havana

  • Rates season 2017 – 2018

    Rates season 2017 – 2018
    Price includes 1 skiff/guide/2 person
    Maximum 4 skiffs or 8 anglers!
    Week starting Saturday and ending Saturday

    On Booking, send passport number, Date of Birth and full name (as in passport). A deposit of 30% of your package is required within 2 weeks of invoice to confirm a reservation. A deposit of 40% is due 6 months before trip. Deposits are refundable (minus US$800 handling fee per person until 6 months prior to the start of your trip). Within 180 days of your trip, your deposit is non-refundable unless we are able to resell your spot. No refunds are available for unused portions of packages.
    Full payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. NO CREDIT CARDS. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. All programs and execution of them remain subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Claims for refunds will not be accepted.

    Full program rates include:
    • Reception in Havana airport
    • All transfers inside Cuba as per program below
    • 7 nights Iberostar Ensenachos, All Inclusive 5 Star Resort, Spa Suite DBL Room
    • 6 full days fly fishing, sharing a skiff
    • Box lunch and beverages while fly fishing on skiff

    Full program rates do not include:
    • VIP Service in Havana Airport
    • Transfers: International airport to Hotel Havana on arrival and departure
    • Extra beverages and food
    • Tips and Cuban visa
    • Fishing Gear

    • Single fishing skiff US$2,000
    • SGL Room Resort Upgrade US$500.00 p.p. (both anglers need to pay)
    • Grand Villa Resort Upgrade US$400.00 p.p (upgrade to DBL Grand Villa Room)
    • Transfer for groups 1-4 persons US$250.00 p.p

    Low Season
    Angler: US$3640
    Non angler: US$1980
    Sept. 16, 2017 – Feb. 24, 2018

    Mid Season
    Angler: US$4460
    Non angler: US$1980
    Feb. 25 – Mar. 24, 2018
    Jul. 01 – Sept. 15, 2018

    High Season
    Angler: US$5320
    Non angler: US$1980

  • Day Trips


    You need to arrive every day at the Marina of Cayo Las Brujas where your guide & skiff will be waiting for you. It’s just 1 mile from the Cayo Las Brujas Airport.

    We do not have gear at the Marina, so you need to bring your own.

    US $600.00 per day/per skiff up to two anglers.

    Ice on the boat
    8 hours aprox (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

    Not Included
    Tips for the guide


    On Booking, send Passport Number, Date of Birth and Full Name (as in passport) for each angler. Deposits are refundable (minus US$150.00 handling fee per person until 6 months prior to the start of your trip). Within 180 days of your trip, your deposit is non-refundable unless we are able to resell your spot. No refunds are available for unused portions of packages. Full payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. All programs and execution of them remain subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Claims for refunds will not be accepted.

  • The Legend of Brujas Keys

    This is the story of Pepe, a fisherman who, like so many, lived calmly with his family north of Villa Clara province, to be exact in Farallon de la Bomba. The tranquility of the laborious and rustic man ceased on the day when his only daughter fell in love with a young man who lived on a neighboring key.

    The jealous father did everything he could to stop the love affair, and on more than one occasion he resorted to violence. The young lovers decided to fight back with the strategy of starting a rumor that on one of the mountains of the cay were ghostly apparitions and tenebrous voices heard. If they succeeded with their hoax they would have a place for themselves.

    Nobody seemed to believe them, but everyone avoided the land where the supernatural events were supposed to take place. Nevertheless, she was seen more than once going into the hills, where she met with her lover at sunset, and when he came out she was transformed into a large owl.

    The many superstitious people in the area thought that she had supernatural powers and practiced black magic. As those rumors spread, her undeserved fame as a witch grew.

    Life went on in this way, until one stormy day he arrived late for their rendezvous. He searched for her everywhere in vain, but all he could find was a frightful witch who stared at him and then took flight.

    For days, they searched for the young woman on land and in the sea, but she was nowhere to be seen. Her disappearance was a total mystery. Some said she had transformed herself into that frightful witch. Her lover, meanwhile, told people that he saw her and talked to her, but no one believed him because he had given himself over completely to drink. He no longer left the key.

    For a long time, every day at sunset while he was getting drunk, an evil witch came out of those hills. Marina Cayo Santa María.

  • Download Gardens of the King PDF

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