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What we do? – Fly Fishing Travel Agency

FLY FISHING THE RUN is a travel agency thought to contact anglers from around the world who like fishing, providing the ability to “connect” them with operations and accredited professional guides, travel destinations, fresh information, reports and reviews. We encourage the highest standards of fishing quality and services. Since October 2015, we had the Exclusive Operation on Cuba at Gardens of the King Cayo Santa Maria, where we offer year round Fly Fishing Programs.

All of our fly fishing programs has over 15 years of experience. They got the know how years ago, giving us the confidence to be partners. Our Patagonia connections are from both sides of the Andes Mountain Chain, in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, down to the southernmost fishing place in the world Cape Horn. Those RUNs where you can cast a 2 weight rod with a #20 soft hackle in your 6X tippet and the other day you figure working on your snake roll with a two handed and articulated bunny leech, waders On. Thinking on shorts, light shirts, and quick dry clothes, no doubt Caribbean waters are the places to go. Nothing like a saltwater fish RUN, definitely a degree for any  fisherman.

What to expect from us?

  • Never a higher price than contact any outfitter or guide directly.
  • Personalize advice to be “in the right place at the exact moment” 
  • Hardcore Fly Fishing professional team consultancies.
  • We offer you, what we know. If we don´t cast a fly “there”, we are not the agency of that destination.
  • Keeping you fishing year round, no matter where or when, we put you at “casting range” of the fish RUN.
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