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Who we are? That’s a good question.

Perhaps it´s much easier to describe the work we do, how and when. If you are wondering who we are, first of all, we are fishermen. Second, fishermen motivated by constant travel and destinations visited considered going further. We Developed a new alternative support, guidance, advice and travel management for our fishermen peers. It´s a service that others provide and we are not inventing the wheel, we make the difference in our direct personalized service and reliability to our customers.

  • Cristián Rodríguez O.  -Owner and Founder-

Outdooor sports lover and care for the environment, a fisherman from the early years of his life, plus an active member of various organizations. Adhering to fly fishing sport of catch and release. Has traveled and known locations around the world following the fish run. Develops Fly Fishing The Run project seeking to bring together what has been one of his great interests and profession. Contact Cristián HERE

Cristian Rodriguez

Cristian Rodriguez



  • Carlos Cortez  -Salt Water Advisory Member-

Carlos joined Fly Fishing The Run  as Saltwater Advisory Specialist during 2012. Born in southern Patagonia Argentina, has Fly Fishing salmonid  for over 35 years. From the year 2008 has frequently visited the Caribbean; Bahamas, Turk and Caicos, Mexico, Cuba, Belize and Florida, getting a solid knowledge about fly fishing in salt water. We know that he´ll be happy to share his experience to help you plan your next adventure. And maybe, if he´s not casting a crab to a permit, hosted your trip.

Contact Carlos HERE

Carlos Cortez

Carlos Cortez

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